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On behalf of the Zia party I want to thank everyone in the Wrangell Mountain Air office for the help in choosing our route. We had a wicked cool adventure..

Dave A. - Sun Microsystems

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River Trips

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Floating the waterways of the Wrangell-St. Elias is an excellent way to enjoy the vast beauty of the region. Running rivers, one is able to access country which can be otherwise impenetrable.

Traveling silently, boaters often see more wildlife than hikers.

The rivers are glacial in source. They are fast and extremely cold, thus requiring extra skill and great caution. Prices for the following trips are dependent on the number of people, boats and gear. Please call or e-mail with the weights of the people in your party and the estimated weight of your raft and gear and we will estimate the cost of your float trip. We can supply you with a list of raft rental companies in Alaska. Click on the link below to contact an experienced local guide service that offers excellent guided raft trips.

All trips have the option of a take out at the confluence of the Chitina and Copper rivers near the town of Chitina and at the confluence of the Nizina and Chitina rivers. Additionally, you can continue the trip down the Copper to the Million Dollar Bridge near Cordova in Prince William Sound. We can put you in touch with a shuttle from the bridge to the airport in Cordova. If you prefer another take out point call or e-mail for more information. If you are looking for a guided raft trip contact Copper Oar.

Floats to Chitina or Cordova
Departing From 1-3 People 4-5 People
Huberts Landing $440 $900
Upper Tana River $375 $675
Nizina Glacier $300 $495

Point to Point Floats
Departing From 1-3 People 4-5 People
Nizina Gl - Nizina/Chitina Confluence $505 $870
Tana Riv - Jakes Bar $600 $1050
Huberts - Nizina/Chitina Confluence $645 $1105
Huberts - Jakes Bar $665 $1295
(Kennicott put in) - Nizina/Chitina Confluence $205 $375

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River Map
River Map
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