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Allie’s Valley to Bremner Mine


Strenuous: Allie’s Valley to Bremner Mine

Allie's Valley to Bremner Mine Backcountry Backpacking.jpg

This route begins in the lush Allie’s Valley where you might be tempted to linger a day before pushing on to your destination. After going up and over the first pass, the trip joins up with the Seven Pass route, after all the glacier crossings. 

You will travel through inviting, green valleys and across rocky and barren high passes. A wide variety of terrain awaits the adventurous trekker on this trip which concludes in the historic, Bremner gold mining district. Allow a little time on the end of the trip to explore the ruins of the Yellowband mine site. 

Streams: Some stream crossings but nothing major 

Terrain: A few of the ridges climbed have some steep sections but none with serious exposure. 

USGS maps: Bering Glacier D6, D7 and McCarthy A7 

Duration: 4-8 days 

Length: 18-20 miles 

$695 per person, unguided.