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Bremner to Tebay Lakes


Strenuous: Bremner to Tebay Lakes

Alaska 2004 (196)- First sight of Tebay Lakes - our end poin copy 2.jpg

This is an amazing adventure through virtually untouched Alaskan wilderness. From glaciers to glacial rivers, and from tundra to thick brush, the route described below encompasses all aspects of a classic trip in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Mountaineering skills are not necessary for this trip, but because of the challenging terrain and remote location, it is recommended for strong backpackers with excellent route finding skills. 

This route was only done for the first time in the summer of 2003 so it’s definitely off the beaten track. This is a great choice for some one looking for an adventurous route. 

Snow and Ice: Depending on the route option you choose, ice/snow field travel may be involved. 

Streams: Be prepared for moderate stream crossings. 

Terrain: Hikers should be prepared for changing weather, steep and rough terrain and remote route finding. 

USGS maps: Valdez A1, A2 and McCarthy A6, A7 

Duration: 8-10 days 

Length: 40-45 miles 

$600 per person, unguided.