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Seven Pass Route: Iceberg Lake to Bremner


Strenuous: Seven Pass Route, Iceberg Lake to Bremner

Iceberg Lake Glacier.jpg

Virtually untouched by human presence, this is a remote hike through classic Wrangell terrain; massive glacier carved valleys, cascading waterfalls, and hidden alpine lakes, all await the adventurous hiker. Reminiscent of the Skolai Valley and the Goat Trail, The Seven Pass Route will challenge and amaze you with a constantly changing landscape. This route offers a great adventure for the seasoned backpacker looking for a challenging wilderness experience on a seldom traveled route.

You will move through constantly changing and varied terrain from lush, verdant valleys, to blue glacial landscapes, to barren, rock-strewn mountain passes. Even experienced backcountry travelers will feel challenged. If you’re looking for a true wilderness adventure, this is a great choice. 

Glaciers: There are 2-3 glacier crossings on this trip depending on your route taken. Some experience with glacier travel and crampons is advised. 

Streams: There are a couple of potentially challenging stream crossings. Be prepared and knowledgable about safe crossing techniques. 

Terrain: A few of the ridges climbed have some steep sections but none with serious exposure. 

USGS maps: Bering Glacier D6, D7 and McCarthy A6, A7 

Duration: 2-8 days 

Length: 18-35 miles 

$570 per person, unguided.