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Skolai Pass to Wolverine Mountain


Moderate to Strenuous: Skolai to Wolverine

Beaver and 185 at Skolai with Don Welty

This variation of the Goat Trail allows you to remain at high elevations and avoid the larger river crossings on the Chitistone. After landing at Skolai, you’ll follow the same route over Chitistone pass and along the gorge. At the top of Chitistone Falls, you will turn up a small creek valley leading into high alpine meadows, surrounded by hanging glaciers on one end and the impressive views of Mt. Bona (16,421”) and Mt. Churchill (15,640’) on the other. Watch for caribou, Dall sheep, mountain goats, grizzlies, wolves, and wolverine. 

Streams: There are a couple potentially challenging stream crossings. Be prepared and knowledgable about safe crossing techniques. 

Terrain: There is a section in the Chitistone valley of steep traverses through exposed scree slopes. 

USGS maps: 

Duration: 4-8 days 

Length: 18 miles 

$470 per person, unguided.