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Southern Park Traverse


Extremely Challenging: Southern Park Traverse

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If you have already completed several rugged, Alaskan backcountry trips and are looking for a more extreme challenge, then this is the trip for you. This route begins at Iceberg and ends at the lovely Tebay. Reference the Seven Pass Route description followed by Bremner to Tebay. This is a long, difficult and challenging route but for the experienced and prepared adventurer, truly the trip of a lifetime. You will pass through some of the best country that the park has to offer. This route combines the following routes. See the individual trip pages for more information on each leg of the trip: 

Seven Pass Route - Bremner - Tebay Lakes 

Few have done this trip. The route requires significant planning and preparation. Bremner is a good midway resupply and layover point. 

Glaciers: Glacier travel will be involved. Some experience with glacier travel and crampons is advised. 

Streams: Minor to major stream crossings and remote route finding. 

Terrain: Hikers should be prepared for changing weather, steep and rough terrain, Minor to major stream crossings and remote route finding. If the full route is done, you may want to consider utilizing a guide or taking a one day glacier/stream crossing seminar. 

USGS maps: Bering Glacier D4, D7, C4, C7 and McCarthy A6, A8, B7, B8 

Duration: 12-14 days 

Length: 90-107 miles 

$580* per person, unguided. 

* There will be an extra charge if a resupply at Bremner is needed.