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Tebay Lakes to Tana River


Extremely Challenging: Tebay Lakes to Tana River

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This is a combination of Tebay Lakes to Bremner and Bremner to Tana River. To our knowledge this route has never been done as a through trip, although Bremner to Tebay and Bremner to Tana have been done at different times. 

This route is recommended only for highly skilled and experienced backpackers seeking a very unique adventure. Starting from Tebay Lake this trip traverses approximately 85 miles of rugged Alaska wilderness to the Tana River. The route will involve glacier and stream crossings. 

At times the route may require crossing steep and exposed terrain. The beginning and end of this trip involves bush whacking. While this trip offers a grand adventure it should only be undertaken by the most experienced and best prepared wilderness travelers. 

Glaciers: Route involves glacier crossings. Some experience with glacier travel and crampons is advised. 

Streams: This route involves stream crossing. 

Terrain: Some steep scree slopes. The final descent to the Tana River involves some thick brush. Route finding skills are required. This is a trip for experienced wilderness travelers or as a guided adventure. 

USGS maps: Bering Glacier D6 and McCarthy A7, A8 

Duration: 12-14 days 

Length: 60-90 miles 

$610 per person, unguided.