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Basecamp Fan Glacier


Basecamping: Fan Glacier

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Located to the south of McCarthy about 50 miles, the Fan Glacier area offers great base camping and day hiking. Surrounded by high peaks, with glaciers in every direction the views are stunning. Although there is some low brush on the lower slopes the ridge to the north is accessible from the landing area. Hiking above the lower brush band is in alpine tundra and amongst small ponds that stud the ridge like aqua blue jewels. From here you will be able to see 100 miles on a clear day. Just off of the airstrip are some beautiful small lakes which make a wonderful camping spot. There are long and beautiful sand bars to stroll if a hike up the mountain is not your thing. 
USGS maps: Bering Glacier D1, D7, and D8. 
$530 per person, roundtrip, unguided.