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Base Camping Trips

Many fly in destinations in Wrangell-St. Elias provide opportunities for day hiking from the comfort of a fixed camp or exploring the country hiking in a loop and returning to the same airstrip. Because of the limited amount of developed trails and routes in this wilderness park, base camping is an excellent way to enjoy the backcountry. We do not provide guiding services, but there are numerous sources of information online and in our valley that can help you get the details you need to plan your trip.  Please see Guided Hiking Trips below for links to some great local guides.

The overview chart below lists some of the main features of different areas with links to details about the hiking trips, including rates.


Guided Hiking Trips

If you would like to have a knowledgeable guide along, St. Elias Alpine Guides, Trek Alaska, Expeditions Alaska and Kennicott Guides offer guided base camping and day hiking trips in these areas.


**Please be aware that base campers will have a much larger impact on an area than continually moving hikers. Please know and follow the NPS guidelines for minimum impact hiking and camping.

All prices are one way - per person -  from McCarthy and based on a two person minimum.

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