Wrangell Mountain Air
Flying Wrangell-St. Elias National Park since 1992

Shuttle Service Between McCarthy - Kennicott

Fleet of 15 passenger vans greet guests at the McCarthy-side of the footbridge and bring them the half-mile into McCarthy and the 5 miles up to Kennecott. Stops are made at the airstrip when needed. The schedule changes throughout the summer, so be certain to check this website or local fliers for the current times.


 Shuttle Service in Alaska’s McCarthy & KennEcott

reliable transportation between since 1993

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Uphill, Downhill, to the River and Back

Wrangell Mountain Transport provides reliable and scheduled transportation between the footbridge, McCarthy, and Kennecott (overlooking the Kennicott Glacier) since 1993. Customers flying with Wrangell Mountain Air enjoy complementary transportation to and from the airport. If you are a private flyer flying into the McCarthy airport, please contact us on 122.9 with the estimated time that you will be ready so we can arrange a shuttle for you.

Catch the 10 mile round-trip scheduled shuttle at the footbridge or downtown McCarthy and ride to the Kennecott mill site. Check out our current shuttle schedule to plan your next trip.