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Alaska Flightseeing Tours

Alaska Flightseeing Tours

Alaska Flightseeing Tours

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​You really can’t take in the scale and grandeur of Wrangle-St. Elias until you fly over it in a small air craft. Soaring mountain peaks, massive glaciers and mighty glacial fed rivers seem to go on forever.

We believe that Wrangell-St. Elias offers the best scenery in all of Alaska and combined with our reasonable rates is the best flightseeing opportunity in Alaska.

Our base at McCarthy offers us the advantage of being located right in the middle of Wrangell-St. Elias and surrounded by the largest collection of peaks over 14,000’ with more glaciers than anywhere in North America.

From the moment you take off you are surrounded by scenery that will take your breath away. Our schedule is flexible and with 4 different flights to choose from you can see what you want to see at the price that best fits your budget.

We can also arrange a custom tour of any length you want. We do recommend making a reservation to ensure the date and times that are best for you.

Advance booking of flightseeing tours is highly recommended. Two person minimum.

Mile High Cliffs Tour - 50 min - $250/person

This flightseeing tour takes in some of the unique features found in the Wrangell Mountains. Listen as your pilot explains the geology of a rock glacier, the Mile High Cliffs and the iceberg filled lake found at the toe of the Nizina Glacier. As you round Chimney Mountain look up the massive Rohn Glacier and see the beautiful medial moraines winding their way down the valley. Mt. Regal soars above on the right and the 16,000’ peaks of the University Range are in view on the left. As we cross the ridges each successive valley is filled with a glacier, each with its own unique features. See the Stairway Icefall, Kennicott, Gates and Root Glacier as well as Erie mine and the towns of Kennicott and McCarthy.

Thirteen Glacier Tour - 70 min - $300/person

In a little over an hour we will see 13 major glaciers, explore 6 valleys each with spectacular rock formations and view two major mountain ranges. With views in all directions our route is southeast to see the ruins of the Nizina Bridge (1920’s) and the massive Sourdough Rock Glacier. As we continue up the valley we’ll pass the mouth of the Chitistone Canyon and the Mile High Cliffs. As we bank to make the turn from the Nizina into the Chitistone Valley you will see how the rock formations change color and form and here you may get your first glimpse of Dall sheep. On the right is the Twaharpies Glacier tumbling off the University Range and out the left window are the Wrangell Mountains. Crossing Chitistone Pass the Russell Glacier and Mt. Bona (16,000’) dominate the view and as we turn to fly down the Skolai Valley your pilot will point out the beautiful Seven Sisters and picturesque Hole-in-the-Wall Glacier as well as the Frederika Glacier, the hanging glaciers on the Finn and the spectacular joining of the Rohn and Regal Glaciers below Chimney Mountain. As the flight continues you will follow the flank of Mt. Regal and see the West Fork ice falls, Stairway Ice Fall and the ogives of the Gates Glacier. We conclude the flight with close up view of Mt. Blackburn, Stairway Icefall, Erie Mine and the towns of Kennicott and McCarthy.

Bagley Icefield - OR - University Range Tour - 90 min - $325/person

This flightseeing tour is our most popular and has three different routes available; Bagley Icefield, University Range and the Wrangell Mountains. Each route takes in the essence of what Wrangell-St. Elias is all about; some of the highest mountains and largest glaciers in North America, a variety of stunning land forms, beautiful green U shaped valleys and the resident wildlife. Your pilot will point out the most interesting features and explain how this beautiful land came to be. The pilots are especially good at spotting wildlife after many years and hours looking to catch a glimpse of the local inhabitants. Weather sometimes dictates which tour may be the best so be sure to get your pilot’s advice before choosing.

Jewels of the Wrangells Tour - 120 min - $395/person

​For those who want it all. Your pilot will fly a custom route based on exactly what you want to see. The absolute best way to see the most of Wrangell St. Elias National Park.

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