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Backpacking and Hiking Trips

Hiking Overview

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A backpacking trip in Wrangell-St. Elias will provide a treasure trove of memories for years to come. This is the best way to experience the incredible variety of terrain that Wrangell-St. Elias has to offer. Whether you are interested in an easy three day hiking trip to enjoy the beauty of Alaska, or a rugged and challenging 12 day expedition, we have flights to get you on the route to fit your requirements. We do not provide guiding services, but there are numerous sources of information online and in our valley that can help you get the details you need to plan your trip.  Please see Guided Hiking Trips below for links to some great local guides.

Below is an overview chart of the hiking trips that we can fly you into. Click on the individual routes for additional details.

Guided Hiking Trips

Some of these trips may include glacier crossing or other terrain that you might feel more comfortable doing with an experienced guide. St. Elias Alpine Guides, Trek Alaska, Expeditions Alaska and Kennicott Guides offer guided trips on these routes. Wilderness Skills Seminars If you are interested in a route that involves glacier and/or river crossings, but prefer an unguided trip, why not sign up for a one-day seminars offered by Trek Alaska or St. Elias Alpine Guides . Let a professional guide give you the experience and confidence you need to safely travel on your own in the Alaskan wilderness.


All rates below are per person and a 2 person minimum.

Easier to Moderate
Trip Days Miles Cost
Solo Creek to Chisana 4-6 27 $650
Steamboat Hills 3-4 15-18 $550
Beaver Creek 4-8 0 $495
Castle Peak Route 3-5 12 $405
Wolverine Circumnavigation 3-4 11 $420
Moderate to Strenuous
Wolverine to Doubtful Creek 3-4 11-13 $410
The Goat Trail 5-8 25 $340
Skolai Pass to Wolverine Mountain 4-8 18 $470
Allie's Valley to Bremner Mine 4-8 18-20 $625
Seven Pass Route 2-8 18-35 $515
Pyramid Peak Traverse 5-7 20-22 $465
The Tana Notch 5-7 20 $570
Hanagita Traverse 6-8 36-40 $475
Bremner to Tebay Lakes 8-1 40-45 $540
Bremner to Tana River 6-8 18-35 $475
Extremely Challenging
Tebay Lakes to Tana River 12-14 60-90 $485
Southern Park Traverse 12-14 90-107 $550
Alaska 2004 (105)-upper klu
Backcountrystrip 1