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Journal entries by Wrangell Mountain Air staff and friends sharing fun flight adventures, backcountry explorations, discoveries, memories, and local news.

Independence Day

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Yesterday was a great day! We flew 101 people to various locations around the Park, many of whom are the backcountry. Talk about “independence”... middle of nowhere, experiencing nature without outside assistance.


Meanwhile, back in McCarthy, several hundred gathered to celebrate Independence Day together with the famous twice-around-town parade and games in the street.


Our parade float theme was “Wrangellia Mountain Air” which was inspired by the Wrangellia Oceanic Plateau (a player in creating the landscape, long-ago, that we enjoy today). Naturally, we converted our flat-bed water hauling truck into a pterodactyl and dressed as cave people. It was quite a celebration and we are all the better for it.


Our season always begins in mid-May, but July 4th kicks off our busy-stretch. The weather has been gorgeous for flight, our community is very fire-safety-conscious, and if all continues this way we are looking at a rockin’ and productive summer of mobilizing folks throughout this gorgeous wilderness! We hope you’ll join us!

Shannon Robel