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Testimonials - What People Say About Us

This was our first flight in a small plane. Our pilots Don and Martin, made us feel at ease and made our flights enjoyable. We especially appreciate your pilot’s expertise, as well as them describing various points of interest as we flew. Thanks for making our trip to Wrangell-St. Elias safe and memorable!
Roger and Bobby M.
Many thanks, once again, for a helluva a lot of beautiful flying!
Brad W. - Museum of Science, Boston, MA
Mike and Tina are still talking about their flight with you! Your professionalism made them feel so comfortable. Thanks you for the awesome flightseeing tour! Our pilot was very knowledgeable about the different peaks, glaciers, mines and rivers. The photos I too while on the flightsee are indescribable!
Gretchen L.
This is the best tour! The flight, the tour of the mines and towns, the tour guide and pilot – all were excellent!!! This is Alaska
Dennis & Leila V.
I can't sing enough praise for the folks at Wrangell Mountain Air. They're a very professional outfit, they have the most useful trip planning information for the independent backpacker that I've ever seen, and, most important of all, they are honestly concerned with your safety.
Deb C. - Chapel Hill, NC
Thanks so much for your kindness in showing us around McCarthy and making our trip a huge success.
Liz, Dave and gang - Knightly Tours
I would like to thank everyone at Wrangell Mountain Air for helping my family and me take one of our most memorable trips ever! We were impressed with everything about your very professional and hospitable operation and we wish we had had more time to spend in the Park and McCarthy. You haven’t seen the last of us.
Tom J.
Just a note to say thanks for a wonderful flightseeing trip. And I also appreciated the steps you took throughout the flight for safety – when you kept all other aircraft in sight constantly. The flightseeing trip through the Tana Canyon and up over the Bagley Icefield was our favorite part of our vacation to Alaska. The sights were awesome. We really appreciated that took the time to point out the moose, bears buffalo and wolf that we saw. It was a sight that we will never forget. The views of Mt. St. Elias and Mt. Logan will never be forgotten; nor the sight down the Bering Glacier to the Pacific Ocean. Thank again for the wonderful flight. We hope to be back someday soon for another one.
Tom D.- Asland, OR
We had a truly spectacular visit to Alaska but the highlight of our vacation was certainly our week-long Chitistone Backpack (ing trip). The flights in and out were awesome; we have great photos along with fond memories of the flights with Wrangell Mountain Air. Thanks again for getting us in and out safely and with good humor and conversation. We hope to fly with you again on our next Alaskan trip.
M & J Stobel - St. Paul , MN
Last month you took care of our transport from Chitina to McCarthy and our return, one day earlier than planned. Traveling with Wrangell Mountain Air was unique for us. It became one of the most impressive experiences on our tour in Alaska. We thank you very much. We'll surely recommend you to anyone who wants to visit Wrangell-St. Elias.
Francois and Frieda C.
Your flight (from Chitina) into McCarthy to tour the Kennicott Mines was an awesome flight. Even though I don’t like to fly, you pilot Jason did such a good job of making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to have such a great experience of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. It is truly and experience I will never forget.
Marilyn J. - Princess rep from the Catamaran
We are back home less than 24 hours and while every day in Alaska was wonderful, it is no contest as to what the highlight of the trip was……our flight to McCarthy with Wrangell Mountain Air. Thanks for a great flight that will forever be carried in our minds and hearts! Moreover, we are telling everyone to skip their junkets to McKinley when they go to Alaska; Wrangell Air gives the best view in the 49th.
Becky K.
We wanted to thank you again for the great flightseeing trip! It was the smoothest flight we’ve ever been on – Leah no longer fears small planes! We brought back great memories and excellent photos. What a great job to be able to enjoy those views every day.
Dick & Leah - South Charleston, WV
Whoever does not do this tour is a loser!
Savone. Copper River Princess Lodge guest
On behalf of the Zia party I want to thank everyone in the Wrangell Mountain Air office for the help in choosing our route. We had a wicked cool adventure.
Dave A. - Sun Microsystems
Kelly and Wayne--just a note to say "thanks" for helping to make our trip to Alaska a real treat. A fly-in trip to Wrangell-St Elias with a glacier hike and tour of the old copper mill was a great way to end a trip that included a cruise of Prince William Sound, a wonderful fishing experience in Katmai country and a tour of Denali National Park. Don't tell anyone--but there are two Texans that admit that Alaska is bigger than Texas. The good thing about a short trip to Wrangell-St. Elias is that I want to go back again! Hope to see you soon.
Steve P. - Austin, TX
We would recommend your service to any and all who wish to see the true Wrangell-St. Elias. Please maintain your high level of performance. You have a lot to offer the public.
Bernie and Harriet N.
I took the 90 minute Grand Tour. It was an excellent flight........As far as I was concerned, the cost of the tour turned out to be a bargain!
Mike M. - Seattle, WA
I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided us on our recent trip. Everything was top notch. Give our thanks to all the other staff and pilots as well. We will definitely be coming back!
Gerald M.
This is the best tour! The flight, the tour of the mines and towns, the tour guide and pilot – all were excellent!!! This is Alaska
Richard G. - Guide Sierra Club
We traveled all over the state of Alaska – from Coldfoot in the Brooks Range to Resurrection Bay – to experience the outdoors and see the people that make up our state. Over 150 people participated this year, in order to see the Alaska that tourists never do. Our programs depends on a number of individuals to make it work. Your assistance throughout the summer helped make these trips happen allowed me to look after the participants without having to worry about travel. Unfortunately I do not remember all of you staff that helped us each time we breezed into town – I do remember though that they were all very professional and personable. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you and your staff for donating your time and energy to helping these trip happen.
David T. - University of Alaska Fairbanks
A quick message to say thanks. We flew from Chitina to McCarthy on Friday, June 20 and then returned to Chitina on Sunday, June 22. This was our first flight on a small plane. Our pilots, Don and Martin (as well as Natalie), made us feel at ease and made our flights enjoyable. We especially appreciate your pilots' expertise as well as them describing various points of interest as we flew. Overall, we definitely enjoyed our experience and would recommend Wrangell Mountain Air to others. We hope to return to the area again. Thanks again for making our trip to Alaska safe and memorable.
Roger and Bobbie M.