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Journal entries by Wrangell Mountain Air staff and friends sharing fun flight adventures, backcountry explorations, discoveries, memories, and local news.

Winter Wanderliving


“What do you do in the winter?” This is a common question for us in our “off-season.” Although we aren’t flying our fleet in the wintertime, it’s not all hibernation here at Wrangell Mountain Air. Our small staff takes bookings, hires smiling faces and able bodies for the upcoming summer, lets the next season of vacationeers know what they can expect to love in our portion of Alaska, and much more. It’s fun work that we can do from almost anywhere - you won’t hear us complaining!


Most phone-calls and emails are answered by our friendly, capable, and adventure-loving office manager and dispatcher, Diana Tubbs. What you don’t see from your end of the computer or phone is that she is working from her tiny-van-home parked in, no doubt, one of America’s most beautiful locations with rock-climbing access.


Have a pilot - related question? You’re likely to get in touch with the winsome Austin Robel. When he’s not working on WMA projects or teaching flight instruction, he’s probably hanging with his sweet wifey and spunky kiddo in Colorado.

Our most seasoned pilot, Bill McKinney, splits his off-season between his lovely home in Washington state with his wife Katy, visiting his crazy-cute grandkid (he’ll be happy to show you pictures!), and sailing somewhere near Panama. Two other dispatchers winter (or should we say “summer”?) in Antarctica. The rest of our crew can be found scattered around Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, and Washington. Wherever you are and from wherever we are, we wish you a great 2019! Happy New Year!

Shannon Robel